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Area Profile

  • Population: 176,800

  • Size: 261 square kilometres

  • Location: Central Scotland

Of the 32 Local Authorities in Scotland, Renfrewshire has the 10th highest population, with 64.4% of residents being of working age, between 16-64 years old. 

As of December 2017, 90,100 residents in Renfrewshire were economically active, with resident earnings around £28.50 above the national weekly average. 

Between January and December 2016 there was 11,800 workless households in the Renfrewshire Local Authority area.

This data and more detailed information on topics like, Economy, Health, Housing, Crime, Safety and Education in the Renfrewshire area is available at, Renfrewshire Local Area Profile - March 2016 and Regional Skills Assessment - Renfrewshire 2017

Community Planning Partnership Aims and Structure

Community Planning Partnerships in Renfrewshire are well established at both statutory level and across the wider community planning network. In order to maintain delivery and development of the Community Plan in a connected and sustainable manner, the high level community planning partnership is split into five main groups. Each group seeks to deliver elements of the community plan, with oversight and connectivity maintained by the Community Planning Partnership Executive Group. 

The five main partnership groups are:

  • Economic Le

  • adership Panel  

  • Health and Social Care Strategic Planning Group  

  • Community Protection Chief Officers Group. 

  • Improving Life Chances Board.

  • Forum for Empowering Communities

Further information and details of each group can be found at Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership.

'Our Renfrewshire' Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2017 - 2027

Renfrewshire's Community Plan details a commitment to the following priorities:

  • Our Renfrewshire is thriving: Maximising economic growth, which is inclusive and sustainable 
  • Our Renfrewshire is well: Supporting the wellness and resilience of our citizens and communities
  • Our Renfrewshire is fair: Addressing the inequalities which limit life chances
  • Our Renfrewshire is safe: Protecting vulnerable people, and working together to manage the risk of harm

The Local Outcome Improvement Plan can be read in full at  'Our Renfrewshire' Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2017 - 2027

Information Management Systems

We currently use the Hanlon service.

Key Documents 

Employability Strategies / Action Plans / Business Plans

Renfrewshire Children's Services Partnership 

Renfrewshire Community Plan 2017- 2027

Glasgow City and Greater Clyde Region 

NHS Glasgow and Greater Clyde Local Delivery Plan 2014 -2015

Renfrewshire Community Justice Outcome Improvement Plan 2017 - 2018

Renfrewshire Local Development Plan 2014 

Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership

Invest in Renfrewshire 

Renfrewshire Employability Action Plan 2018-2019


NOMIS Local Authority Labour Market Profiles
The Renfrewshire Labour Market Profile brings together data from several sources, and includes information on employment/ unemployment,  economic inactivity,  employment by occupation, qualifications, earnings by residence, out-of-work benefits and jobs (total jobs/ employee jobs). 

Skills Development Scotland 
Skills Development Scotland have prepared local labour market information and intelligence for each of the unitary authorities in Scotland that includes:

Small Area Statistics
Small Area Statistics - Renfrewshire
covers a range of small area statistics including information on health, education, poverty, unemployment, housing, population, crime and social / community issues at the data zone level and above. The provide standard reports and more in detail reports to your own specificiations.

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

The SIMD provides detail of small areas of multiple deprivation in Scotland. This data allows for effective targeting of policies and funding, where the objective is to target clusters of multiple deprivation. 

Community Health Partnership Profile

Case Studies

Here you can read case studies giving details of different programmes and success stories in the 

 Invest in Renfrewshire - Barbara's Story

 Sector Based Academy, Childcare - Jade's Story

 Sector Based Academy, Hospitality - Kelly's Story

Further Information

Here you can find information and news articles relating to services in the Renfrewshire Area. 

Project Search

Employability Awards - Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire employability project scoops top national award


Local Services

Invest in Renfrewshire, is the Council's programme to develop the local economy and tackle unemployment. Further information and local services can be found at Invest in Renfrewshire, alternatively you can call 0300 3001180 or email


 Local Employability Lead: Ruth Cooper

 Local Welfare Reform Lead: Rhona McGrath

 Health Improvement Lead: Laura Mullen

 Criminal Justice Lead: Allison Scott

 Housing Advice and Homeless Services: Housing Advice

 Adult Learning & Literacies Services: Adult Learning Services

 Local Colleges: West Scotland College

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