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Local Employability Partnerships

Workforce Plus was launched in June 2006 and is the Scottish Government's Employability Framework. With an emphasis on better partnership working, it sets out actions at both national and local levels to increase the numbers of people in rewarding and sustained work. It also links very closely with our strategy for young people who require More Choices, More Chances to ensure a comprehensive package of employability support for people of all ages.

Ongoing work includes the development of local multi-agency, cross-sectoral Employability Partnerships across Scotland's Local Authorities. Initially focusing on seven priority areas (Glasgow, Dundee, Inverclyde, West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, North and South Lanarkshire), all of Scotland's 32 local authorities now have an employability group based on the Workforce Plus model to drive this agenda forward at a local level.

Partnerships vary in membership but often include representatives from: Local Authorities, Jobcentre Plus (JCP), Skills Development Scotland (SDS), local colleges, the Third Sector and the NHS. The groups sit firmly within the Community Planning Framework.

Within this section you can find typical terms of reference for an area-based employability partnership.

Details of some of the approaches which have been adopted at an area based level can be found at the 'interactive map' section.

Employability Partnership Framework

Recognising the degree of variability of Local Employability Partnerships across Scotland a new framework has been developed to provide some consensus around structure and remit of employability partnerships, whilst allowing flexibility reflective of local circumstances.  The framework has been developed following joint discussions with SLAED and SCVO and aims to provide a starting point in developing enhanced local partnership working for both strategic and delivery partners. The framework has also been adopted for use in delivering elements of the Young Person's Guarantee. 

A copy of the Local Employability Partnership Framework (Including Delivery of Young Person's Guarantee) can be found in the related media section.