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Strengthening Local Partnerships

No One Left Behind is about more than funding.  It must also see an increasing and sustained shift towards user engagement, collaboration in service design, more effective and improved partnership working and a move to shared measurement. Strengthened and inclusive local partnerships are a critical milestone supporting increased local governance enabling a mixed economy of provision in local delivery.

June 2021: To support the strengthening of local partnerships a self-assessment process has been completed by the member organisations of all 32 Local Employability Partnerships. The purpose of the assessment is to review the current functionality and effectiveness of each local employability partnership in meeting the ambitions of No One Left Behind and to inform ongoing development actions to support readiness for further implementation of No One Left Behind from April 2022.

Further detail on activity, supported by the recently published Local Employability Partnership Framework which provides a guide to help provide a national coherence and local flexibility can be found here.