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Third Sector Employability Forum (TSEF) and TSEF Executive Group

TSEF has been established to provide an effective, collective, voice for all third sector organisations operating in the field of employability services.  We aim to be an effective means of communicating these views to both central and local government in order to influence public services, how they are funded and how they are commissioned.

Our starting point is that the needs and aspirations of those seeking employment are paramount.  Services need to be designed in ways that are accessible to those seeking work, provide the skills and support they need to get into work, and help them to gain, or progress into, jobs which will lift them out of poverty.

This is a diverse and complex group of people.  Third sector organisations in Scotland reflect this diversity and are well placed to meet these needs.  They are also well placed to connect employability services into other relevant policy areas such as health, housing and community justice.

TSEF has recently reviewed how it operates and has come together with SCVO to create a new offering to the third sector and the Scottish Government based on our respective strengths - the knowledge within TSEF and its network on employability and the capacity of SCVO to reach the whole of the third sector and to liaise with government.

Our offer will be aimed at:

  • Building an evidence base measuring the effectiveness of third sector employability services;
  • Influencing policy and practice at the national and local level, especially the agenda for designing and implementing No One Left Behind in an effective way;
  • Being the place where the Scottish Government can go to hear the views of the third sector and liaise with it on employability policy and practice;
  • Being an effective and trusted intermediary for third sector organisations wanting to make their views known to government;
  • Supporting and encouraging cultural and systems change within the third sector and public services to meet the needs of those seeking employment through;
    • Better commissioning of services;
    • Better collaboration and partnership;
    • Collecting and disseminating best practice;
  • Clearly communicating what we are doing and listening to the voices of individuals and organisations in this field;
    • Extending and developing our Base Camp site and reviving an employability web site;
    • Holding a small number of tailored events each year;
  • Inviting organisations to sign up afresh to this network and individuals to come forward for elections to a new TSEF Executive Group at the end of 2020.

An Executive Group for the TSEF exists to represent the wider TSEF on employability matters, provides support and advice and works together with the wider forum to influence and contribute to the employability agenda in Scotland.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed by the Executive Group and you can contact members directly. Their details are provided below.

Grant Alexander, Link Group (Interim Chair TSEF)

Blyth Deans, The Lennox Partnership

Lorna Forrest, SCVO

Louise Goodlad, Princes Trust Scotland

Rachel Le Noan, SCVO

Tommy McDade, Barnardo's

Leona McDermid, Aberdeen Foyer

Oxana MacGregor-Gunn, SAMH

Amelia Morgan, Venture Trust

Jamie Rutherford, ENABLE Scotland

Robin Turner, Routes To Work  

The Group is also supported by Hazel Benza, Third Sector secondee to The Scottish Government 

We've worked in partnership to create a free online community of interest where you can ask, answer, inform, share, discuss and celebrate all matters employability. If you are a third sector organisation in Scotland wishing to join please email