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Consulation on Devolved Employment Services

A Public Conversation

On 6th July 2015 the Scottish Government initiated an extensive consultation on Creating a Fairer Scotland:Employability Support. The consultation's aim was to gain an understanding from service users and providers on what the future of employment services in Scotland should look like from April 1st 2017, after DWP contracted employment support is devolved.

The key discussion areas in this paper were:

  • what works best for unemployed people;
  • the existing delivery landscape, scope for integrating services and whether to replace, develop or build on some, or all, existing services;
  • ensuring all people in Scotland can access employment support services, but that these remain flexible enough to meet the employability needs of the individual;
  • how to ensure early, accurate and realistic assessment of support needed, and how to share the assessment of need and join up services;
  • balancing a national employment support service with the needs of the individual, local provision, and services from a range of providers most effectively;
  • making the best use of resources to help unemployed people into work, while focusing specifically on people who face the most barriers to work;
  • joining up service delivery and changing the way we deliver public services;
  • incentives to help people find and stay in work, defining success by progression towards work within a wider context of fair work, dignity, inclusion and sustainability;
  • flexibilities in the conditionality and sanctions regime in Scotland to better align with our principles of Fair Work, equity and social justice.

You can access the full Discussion Paper on the Scottish Government website.

Response to the Consultation

The consultation was open for three months in which more than 70 events were organised by user and stakeholder groups throughout Scotland. The consultation was closed to respondents on 9th October 2015.

A total of 215 responses to the consultation were received and then independently analysed by a company called Rocket Science.

The Scottish Government published their response to the consultation, Creating a Fairer Scotland: A New Future for Employability Support in Scotland, on the 22nd March 2016.