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Employability Partnership Fund 2013/14

Following the success of the Employability Partnership Fund activity in 2012/13, once again the Scottish Government invited Local Employability Partnerships to apply for funding to further support activity which could help implement the recommendations contained within the refreshed employability strategy, Working for Growth

The partnerships that were successful in being awarded funding in 2013/14 were:

  • Dumfries & Galloway -  to fund a co-location pilot, supporting the development of a single point of contact for local employability partners where employers can access all employability related services in a streamlined approach.  This grant will provide a contribution to allow the leasing and running of an office space from which the Partnership Employment Total Access Point can be delivered. 
  • Capital City Partnership (1) - to support an external review of the current partnership operation and strategy in Edinburgh.  Completing late 2014, this review aims to achieve a consensual refresh of the strategy itself taking into account recent changes in the external context and to make sure that the partnership process is fit for purpose and future proofed, as far as can be assessed.     
  • Capital City Partnership (2) - to help to consider better ways of linking economic development and employability within Edinburgh, funding a  project that will identify effective ways for the supply chain (Joined up for Jobs) to be better integrated with Joined up for Jobs Business, allowing the Partnership to be more prepared for and to establish an appropriate response mechanism to meet employers recruitment needs.   
  • Renfrewshire - to create an interactive website for the Renfrewshire Strategic Employability Partnership, offering job seekers the opportunity to access information on help available, and encouraging partners to work collaboratively, sharing information on offerings and making cross referrals.  The website will gather together all information on provision in Renfrewshire and make it available via an online database and through a phone app.     
  • Inverclyde - to review the current service provision in Inverclyde and help inform recommendations for future service delivery.    
  • Orkney - to review the Orkney Employability pipeline, in order to determine the range of employability services offered, the outcomes obtained, the cost effectiveness and spend on the services and identify gaps in, or over provision throughout Orkney.  
  • Shetland - This grant will support a review of local partnership activity in order to produce a development plan for Shetland's Skills, Learning and Employability Partnership (SLEP), produce an effective Employability Pipeline, develop an employer engagement plan and hold an event on this.
  • Outer Hebrides CPP - The Demand Driven Skills Project is a research project, to develop a report to inform the CPP's aim of a more coherent and collaborative education, training, skills and economic landscape within the Outer Hebrides. Specifically this project will deliver research in order to improve the articulation of Education, Training and Skills provision with economic opportunity, identify "real work" skills gap in the local economy and identify future skills demand in the local economy.
  • Stirling - This grant will fund a common core skills assessment tool which will enable partners and providers across the Local Employability Partnership to identify all learners with a transferable profile and maximise opportunities for progression and referral.

As reports, case studies and evaluations become available for each of these initiatives, this page will be updated to include links to these. If you would like any furher information please use the contact us link.