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National Delivery Group

The National Delivery Group (NDG) has been established in response to requests from local employability practitioners and managers, seeking to come together to share information.

The Group has been in existence since September 2006 and is attended by employability lead officials from each of Scotlands 32 Local Authorities, and their partners. National organisations with an interest in employability, for example Jobcentre Plus and Skills Development Scotland, also attend the group which is chaired by Prof. Alan McGregor from Glasgow University.

The group's agenda revolves around 3 inter-linked themes. These are:

  • Learning and making this central and not peripheral in taking employability forward.
  • Sharing  formally and informally across areas is key and assists the development of local partnerships as, through dialogue, local areas are best-placed to identify what does and doesn't work.
  • Finally, identifying  common challenges, to facilitate better service delivery at the local level.

Challenges can vary but two examples are:

  • achieving a more coherent, joined-up policy framework within which to deliver employability locally; and
  • how, with employability stakeholders from across Scotland at the heart of the process, we develop bespoke employability tools which can be easily tailored to a local area's needs.

The National Delivery Group meets on a biannual basis and links into the Scottish Employability Forum (SEF), which consists of policy makers and senior officials who have employability interests and who can intervene, at the request of the NDG to support local delivery, particularly around common challenges raised by the NDG.

In addition a number of themed short-life sub-groups have been established to concentrate of specific challenges. These include:

  • Common Assessment
  • Management Information Systems
  • Employer Engagement
  • Rural Challenges

For further information in relation to the National Delivery Group please contact

Previous meeting papers are available for information.