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Third Sector Employability Forum (TSEF) and TSEF Executive Group

The Third Sector Employability Forum (TSEF) works to develop the capacity of the sector in relation to both employability policy development and delivery of services in Scotland. TSEF provides a forum for third sector organisations with an interest in employability policy and delivery to develop common positions and share experience. There are an estimated 400 third sector organisations active in the employability agenda in Scotland and the Forum's priorities and activities are directed by this community.

The TSEF feeds into and works with the Scottish Employability Forum (SEF) and National Delivery Group (NDG) and the Advisory Group on Scotland's future employment services, and liaises with Scottish Government Ministers in relation to the employability and skills agenda in Scotland. The TSEF Wider Forum meets twice a year.    

Key Roles for the Third Sector Employability Forum

  • To establish an effective, collective voice for the third sector on employability
  • To utilise the experience and expertise of the third sector in the development, design and delivery of employability services
  • To create an effective forum where the third sector and the Scottish Government can engage on emerging and existing policy responses to worklessness
  • To create a forum where third sector organisations can exchange views and share learning and best practice
  • To promote the active collaboration across the third sector in the development of new and effective ways of delivering employability services

TSEF is supported by Scottish Government

The TSEF Executive Group

An Executive Group for the TSEF was establishedin 2011, supported by a Chair. In September 2015 Alastair Cameron was appointed Chair of TSEF. The Executive Group represents the wider TSEF on employability matters, provides support and advice, and works together with the wider forum to influence the employability agenda in Scotland and the UK. The TSEF Executive Group meets six times per year. Members of the Executive Group lead on specific issues as required and represent and report back to the Forum on a range of advisory groups and Government led work streams.

Notes from TSEF and its Executive Group meetings can be found here where there will be updates on an ongoing basis, and where you'll also find other relevant information.

Future meetings of the TSEF and of the TSEF Executive Group

Executive Group Meetings


Contact details for the TSEF Executive Group

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions you can contact the members of the TSEF Executive Group directly. Their contact details are provided below:

For general enquiries, you can contact the forum at

Other partners who currently support the work of TSEF and the Executive Group

  • Joanne Farrow, Scottish Government
  • Colin Robertson, Scottish Government
  • Pauline McNally, Scottish Government
  • Stephen McConnachie, DWP
  • Mike O'Donnell, SDS