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Alan Boyle MBE - Biography

Alan is currently a Member of the LUPS 2007-2013 Programme Monitioring Committee, Structural funds Monitioring and Evaluation Group, various working groups influencing the shape of the 2014-2020 Structural Fund Programme.
Alan has been involved in the design and delivery of structural fund employability intervenyions,built from the ground up for 28 years, accessing ESF and ERDF under various programmes.
Across this extensive engagement period he has participated in a variety of selection processes for projects, management and monitioring committees at a third sector, East of Scotland, Coalfields and National level, including many evaluations, consultations, design workshops and hosting visits from othermember states.
The organisation he is CEO of, specalises in helping a wide range of multiply disadvantaged groups from deprived former coalfield areas. It has one of the most successful track records in Scotland, has picked up an extensive range of best practice awards and has been re-cognised by the Scottish Parliament as an Employability model of excellence.
Prior to working in the the third sector Alan was a lecturer in FE on Employment law, Trade Union Studies and Industrial relations, and special needs. He also worked in heavy engineering and shipbuilding and was active in trade unions from an early age.
He is a Licentiateship Member of the City and Guilds Instiute of London, an Engineering Master Craftsman and qualified in Quality Control and Organisational Studies.

In the New Years Honours List 2014 Alan was awarded and MBE.

You can contact Alan here.

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