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European Structural Funds

In Scotland, Structural Funds are the significant source of European Union funding for economic development in Scotland. Programmes run over a seven year period. From 2000-2006 Structural Funds spending provided over £1.1 billion of support for Scotland, supporting the Scottish Government's aims of boosting economic growth and improving productivity in Scotland while reducing economic and social disparities.

The 2007 - 2013 Structural Funds Programmes are well underway with hundreds of projects across Scotland already benefiting from this key funding. The resources being made available are allowing Scottish Government to focus Structural Funds on Scottish priorities and strategies and assist the economy during difficult times.

This section has been developed with a range of stakeholders to capture good practice in relation to European Funding, prompted by work to develop best practice protocols in June 2010.

ESF Priority 5 Networking Event

Friday 3rd September 2010 saw a range of local and national partners coming together to allow national bidders to share with CPPs, particularly in relation to:

  • Background and initial content of their bids
  • Timescales and costs; and
  • Geographical areas of delivery.

You can find the range of papers and presentations from this event here: