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Evaluation of the Contribution of European Structural Funds to Community Planning Partnerships

The Scottish Government commissioned the independent research organization Blake Stevenson to examine the role of Community Planning Partnerships in delivering European Structural Funds, which was an innovation in delivery of the programmes for 2007-2013.

The study, carried out over almost two years, made use of interviews with people running CPPs and other stakeholders, performance data and surveys of delivery partners. The report is primarily concerned with Lowlands and Uplands Scotland but also looked at experience in the Highlands and Islands. Blake Stevenson note the different approaches taken and identify factors contributing to successful implementation. They found that, irrespective of the model adopted, in delivering European supported programmes, the CPPs have developed clearer local strategies and improved co-operation between delivery partners, and that this has contributed to more strategic and effective use of the European funds. .

In addition to the main report there is an Executive Summary and separate reports on all the thirteen CPPs in Lowlands and Uplands Scotland included in the initiative.

Please visit The Scottish Government website for further information.

"Routing Structural Funds through CPPs has had a significant overall impact….the partnership approach to employability provision required by Structural Funds has fundamentally changed the way the area works – with services and approaches now far more joined up than was the case historically. This is a major success of the pilot."