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Partnership Info

Area Profile

  • Population: 170,650
  • Size: 261 square kilometres
  • Location: Central Scotland

More detailed Renfrewshire area information on topics like Economy, Health, Housing, Crime and Safety and Education is available. Renfrewshire Local Area Profile - March 2012

Key Contacts

Community Planning Partnership Aims and Structure
Renfrewshire operates a Community Plan Leadership Group, a high level group which leads partnership working and monitors progress in delivery of both the community plan and the Single Outcome Agreement for Renfrewshire. There is alos an Executive Group, which involves Senior officials, advising the Community Plan Leadership Group, and directing the working groups work programmes.

Eight Community Planning Working groups exist. Members actively include elected members, voluntary and community sector.

  • Wealthier and Fairer Renfrewshire Community Planning Group
  • Smarter Renfrewshire Community Planning Group
  • Greener Renfrewshire Community Planning Group
  • Healthier Renfrewshire Community Planning Group
  • Safer and Stronger Renfrewshire Community Planning Group
  • Adult Protection Committee
  • Renfrewshire Children's Services Partnership
  • Alcohol and Drugs Partnership

Management Information System
Renfrewshire currently use the Meganexus system.

Key Documents

Employability Strategies / Action Plans / Business Plans
The Economic Regeneration of Renfrewshire remains a key priority and Renfrewshire Council and its Community Planning Partners are committed to employing its considerable resources and influence to addressing local unemployment issues (particularly amongst young people) and supporting local businesses sustain employment.
Invest in Renfrewshire is a Renfrewshire-wide business focused programme designed to grow the economy through joint working and improving employment opportunities for young people. 

The Renfrewshire Financial Inclusion Strategy set out the priorities to achieve financial inclusion and provides clear direction for new approaches, service enhancements and the co-ordination of public, voluntary and private sector activity. It has improved access to financial advice services for vulnerable groups and individuals, increased levels of financial awareness, and promoted a more joined up approach to financial inclusion.

Renfrewshire Youth Employment Activity Plan (January 2016)

Related strategies / frameworks


NOMIS Local Authority Labour Market Profiles
The Renfrewshire Labour Market Profile profile brings together data from several sources, and includes information on employment/ unemployment,  economic inactivity,  employment by occupation, qualifications, earnings by residence, out-of-work benefits and jobs (total jobs/ employee jobs). 

Skills Development Scotland 
Skills Development Scotland have prepared local labour market information and intelligence for each of the unitary authorities in Scotland that includes:

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS)
SNS Standard Area Profile  covers a range of small area statistics including information on health, education, poverty, unemployment, housing, population, crime and social / community issues at the data zone level and above. The provide standard reports and more in detail reports to your own specificiations.

Community Health Partnership Profile

Case Studies

Here you can read case studies giving details of different programmes and success stories in the area:

Advice In Primary Care Project, COSLA Excellence Awards 2011, Gold Award Winner, Category 2: Achieving Better Outcomes -  A new and unique partnership approach to provide Financial inclusion advice and practical assistance in GP surgeries and health centres, targeting vulnerable groups who may not otherwise access these services. During a period of increased demand for money advice services, this programme has ensured an innovative service response with increased capacity and accessibility of money advice and information. Find out more below…

Further Information

Here you can find documents and news articles about initiatives that have taken place in the Renfrewshire area.

At its meeting in June 2012, the CVCPP noted a paper which outlined actions to address the continuing issue of youth unemployment.  A subsequent bid for Scottish Government Employability Partnership funding was successful and a short life working group was established in order to commission research into the issue of youth unemployment. 

It was agreed that the focus of the research should be on understanding the regional labour market dynamics of the 16-24 cohort while promoting best practice in Partnership. 

Smart Consultancy was commissioned in late 2012 to undertake the research to further inform partner activities to address the challenge of youth unemployment across the region.  The research concluded in March 2013 and you can access the research documents below:

Healthier Wealthier Children - Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership and Renfrewshire Council have actively participated in the Healthier Wealthier Children Programme to secure benefits for Renfrewshire's residents. You can find out more about the programme on the Healthier Wealthier Children website.

Renfrewshire Money Week The Renfrewshire Money Week campaign aims to encourage people to make the most of their money, to raise awareness of financial inclusion issues, and promote the range of advice and support services available in Renfrewshire.

Poverty Forum Theatre: Beechwood Women's Group perform 'Morag's Story'  - To enhance engagement and participation in Save the Children's Museum of Poverty, Beechwood Women and Arts Group performed their forum theatre piece "Morag's Story" for the Renfrewshire Anti-Poverty Strategy Group, Elected Members and the public. The piece explores the issues of a family dealing with poverty and works interactively with its audience to explore solutions and how best to support people experiencing poverty within our community.

Local Services

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