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Third Sector Organisational Support

Business Development Support

The Scottish Government has put in place a programme of business support for the third sector. Just Enterprise will deliver a programme of work that promotes the ongoing growth and sustainability of an enterprising third sector in Scotland. It will help to ensure:

  • third sector organisations across Scotland (including those that are equalities-led) grow in financial resilience and sustainability;
  • enterprising third sector organisations operate as effective, and / or growing businesses;
  • third sector organisations win more contracts, including with the public sector;
  • the response of the third sector to public sector application of Community Benefit clauses and the public-social partnership model is strengthened and maximised;
  • new social enterprises and social entrepreneurs are supported to become established and grow; and,
  • third sector leadership is enhanced to support business development and sustainability.

Just Enterprise Programme

In July 2012, The Scottish Government launched Just Enterprise. This is a national programme which will provide business support for enterprising third sector organisations and this includes a range of activity for organisations with the greatest potential to grow and develop sustainably - that could be in terms of income, employment or contracts secured. This service offers four main themes and organisations may wish to register on these programmes;

All third sector organisations can also receive support from:

  • their local third sector interface, the organisation that is recognised by the local community planning partnership as being representative of the third sector and which supports individual third sector organisations in its area - details of all interfaces can be found here
  • Business Gateway provides practical help, advice and support for new and growing businesses in Scotland
  • Scottish Enterprise works with ambitious companies and industries to support business growth and develop Scotland's business environment
  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise work closely with ambitious businesses and social enterprises which have the potential to grow.