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Community Jobs Scotland

Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) is an employability programme aimed at supporting unemployed and vulnerable young people aged 16-29 into paid job training opportunities through the Third Sector.  CJS is delivered by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) in partnership with the Scottish Government.

Since 2011 the Scottish Government has invested more than £40 million in support of the programme which has now created almost 6,000 job training opportunities across the whole of Scotland.

Main Features

  • Full and part time job training opportunities for disadvantaged young people aged 16 to 24 and an extended age range up to 29 for care leavers and other vulnerable groups and young people with a disability or long term health condition;
  • Day 1 eligibility and a minimum of 6 months job training experience;
  • For care leavers and vulnerable groups CJS provides an extended level of support lasting up to 12 months;
  • Part time opportunities last up to 18 months for those with a disability or long term health condition;
  • Participants are paid at least the National Minimum Wage (NMW) with the possibility of earning the higher Living Wage depending on the third sector organisations circumstances;
  • Optional additional training designed to enhance longer term job prospects and overall employability skills;
  • CJS is available across all 32 local authority areas and increases the capacity of the Third Sector by providing financial support to host employers to help deliver community services;
  • Gives young people the opportunity to contribute to their local communities.

Programme Evaluation
Previously published independent evaluations of the programme are available using the following links - CJS Phase 1 and CJS Phase 2.  The recent evaluation of Phase 3 and Phase 4 pilot programmes for care leavers and young people with convictions has also now been published. 

Phase 5 (2015/16)
On 25 February 2015 the First Minister announced investment of £6.1 million for Phase 5 of CJS.  This investment would support up to 1,000 job training opportunities and, as part of the Scottish Government's commitment to implement our Developing the Young Workforce recommendations, includes extended opportunities lasting up to 12 month for young care leavers and other vulnerable groups.  Phase 5 also includes support for third sector employers to pay CJS participants the Living Wage where they already pay this to existing employees for similar work and, where it is affordable, for those employers who want to introduce that wage.

On 14 September the Cabinet Secretary for Fair Work Skills and Training announced further investment of £1.3 million to create an additional 100 opportunities for vulnerable groups, specifically pilot programmes of 50 places each aimed at supporting early armed forces service leavers and 25-29 year olds with convictions.  In addition to this funding the age range was extended for those in the vulnerable groups and those with a disability or long term health condition up to age 29.

A helpful Q&A guidance document is available for employers/employees or anyone else requiring advice or background information on the programme.  Further help and guidance on applying to become a CJS employer or how to apply for a CJS opportunity can be found at SCVO's website.