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14:19 Fund

Inspiring Scotland 14:19 Fund

The 14:19 Fund, aims to support young Scots aged 14:19 who are struggling to make a successful transition from school into employment, education or training.

This ten year fund was launched in 2008 and after an extensive period of due diligence was undertaken, a portfolio of 24 (now 20) organisations (Ventures) were selected to form the 14:19 Fund portfolio.  Through 7-10 year investment the 14:19 Fund aims to help 56,000 young people with an aspiration that 35,000 of those young people will be engaged in education employment or training. Many thousands more will take significant steps on the journey to a more positive future.

Since 2009, the fund has successfully invested £35.6m in the Ventures and this investment has leveraged a further £37.8 m in matched funding. As at 31 March 2015 35,534 young people have been supported, achieving 41,318 progression milestones and 16,981 supported in to education, employment or training as result.

Find out more about the ventures that Inspiring Scotland support through the 14:19 Fund.

14:19 Fund Areas of Operation

A document has been produced that outlines which local authority each 14-19 Fund recipient operates in.  A brief description of what each organisation's work is also included.  You can view the document here.

14:19 Fund Annual Reports

Inspiring Scotland produces Quarterly and Annual reports to update on the progress of the project. A link to the 2014 Annual report and reports from previous years can be found on the Inspiring Scotland website.