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Open Doors Consortium In Work Support Package - 16 to 29 Year Olds

The Scottish Government (SG) is currently funding Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive (SERI), which will deliver the SG's commitment to target support at unemployed young people with additional barriers to enable them to obtain and remain in sustainable employment (including MAs).  SERI will deliver our commitment to key Developing Scotland's Young Workforce recommendations by simplifying the recruitment incentive offer, focussing on those young people who face the greatest barriers to employment. SERI is delivered via Scotland's 32 Local Authorities.

Open Doors - In-work Support for 16 - 29 year olds
A package of tailored 'In-Work Support' is also being funded by Scottish Government to complement and enhance SERI.  This commissioned support is provided by specialist Third Sector organisations and is available to young people throughout Scotland, where their employer considers additional support is required to sustain employment.

The In-Work Support will be tailored to the needs of the individual and offers specialist employer services, which can include mentoring, job coaching, training, orientation visits and providing training to the employers' staff. Help towards essential equipment or work clothes can also be provided. The support package can be accessed at any point within the first 52 weeks of employment.

This package of In-Work Support is delivered nationally by the Open Doors Consortium, which is a unique partnership made up of Scotland's leading specialist employment providers. This includes ENABLE Scotland, Action for Children Scotland, Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, Barnardo's, Capability Scotland, the Carers Trust, Concept Northern, Kibble,  the Lennox Partnership, Remploy, RNIB Scotland, SAMH, the Shirlie Project, VERG Ltd  and WEA.

The first group of young people who can access this support are those participating in Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive (SERI) - eligibility list can be found here. In addition to SERI participants, the In-Work Support package is also available to the following groups:

  • Those who are about to be recruited but who may not be able to receive SERI (e.g. where a Local Authority no longer has SERI places available or where other issues preclude engagement);
  • Those young people already in employment (since 1 July 2015) where additional support is required to sustain their first 52 weeks of employment.

Details of the providers who deliver the In-Work Support Package, and the local authority area(s) they can offer their support are attached.

How to apply for additional in-work support
Local authorities should follow the referral process within the SDS operating rules.
Please contact, 0131 220 8255  or 07889 456 303 to make a referral to Open Doors.
For more information download the Open Doors Consortium Factsheet of in-work support.