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Opportunities for All

Opportunities for All - Supporting all young people to participate in post-16 learning, training or work sets out the Scottish Government's aims and expectations of partners involved in delivering Opportunities for All.

Operational from 1 April 2012, it is an explicit commitment to an offer of a place in learning or training to all 16-19 year olds to a range of opportunities, including staying on at school beyond age 16, pre-employment training programmes, further and higher education, Activity Agreements, additional opportunities offered through the Third Sector, Community Jobs Scotland and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  It places specific focus on young people from age 16 up to their 20th birthday not already engaged in education, employment or training.

Local authority multi-agency led More Choices, More Chances Partnerships provide a well-established structure for delivering Opportunities for All with opportunities to build on the good practice, which have been developed to increase the number of young people in education, employment and training.

Successful post-16 transitions are central to delivery of Opportunities for All.  The model for post-16 transition planning was introduced by the Scottish Government in December 2008 initially to support young people furthest from the labour market. Partners have been supported to deliver post-16 transition planning since 2010 with the publication of the 16+ Learning Choices Policy and Practice Framework followed by an updated framework in November 2012 - Post-16 Transitions: Policy and Practice Framework: Supporting all young people to participate in post-16 learning, training or work and a Post-16 Transitions: Data Practice Framework: Supporting all young people to participate in post-16 learning, training or work.

Delivery of the Opportunities for All commitment demands that partners know and understand the young people they are responsible for: whether they are participating or not and what provision they are accessing, at any time in the period from their 16th to their 20th birthday. The Post-16 Education (Scotland) Act 2013 and the Young People's Involvement in Education and Training (Provisions of Information) (Scotland) Order 2014 made under it set out the legal framework and responsibilities for this to happen.

The refreshed Opportunities for All: Post-16 Transitions Policy and Practice Framework and the Opportunities for All: Post-16 Transitions Data Practice Framework (August 2014) reflect the new legislative position.  In particular the Data Practice Framework contains Statutory Guidance which sets out clearly the roles and responsibilities for those who are mandated to share information.

Young people can contact Skills Development Scotland to find out what opportunities are available, and suitable, to their skills and ambitions in their local area.