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Targeted Employer Recruitment Incentive

The Targeted ERI programme CLOSED for new entrants on 30 June 2015. From 1st July Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive (SERI) will deliver our commitment to key Developing Scotland's Young Workforce recommendations by simplifying the recruitment incentive offer, focusing on those young people who face barriers to employment and also on supporting small employers to recruit to the successful Modern Apprenticeship programme. Further information on SERI and LA contact information can be found on here on OurSkillsforce website.

Launched in 2011, the Targeted Employer Recruitment Incentive (ERI) encompasses £1500 per individual and is offered to employers through Skills Development Scotland. It is specifically designed to encourage employers to assist the transition of young people who have a disability; an additional support need (ASN); a background as a care leaver or carer; or an ex-offender, into sustainable employment. 

Alongside this incentive, SDS are offering funding of up to £500 per young person for additional employability support needed to help the young person sustain this employment. The support will be tailored to the needs of the individual, for example training, mentoring and coaching.

If you are interested in accessing this fund to employ a young person, please send your business contact details, including address and telephone number, to SDS using this email address and they will be in touch.

Additional financial support may also be available if the employer is a small business or social enterprise, where the job is sustainable and additional to the existing workforce, through the Youth Employment Scotland Fund (YESF). Available from local authorities,  eligible employers will be able to receive both sets of funding, with the Targeted ERI considered as a premium on top of YESF. Further information on YESF can be found here.

Both Targeted ERI and YESF are available for individuals aged 16-29*.

* Following a review of the YESF eligibility criteria in July 2014, and the Targeted ERI in August 2014, from 10th August 2014, the age limit in both initiatives was extended to help those seeking employment up to the age of 30. (n.b eligible participants must not be aged over 29 when starting their YESF/Targeted ERI placement).

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