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Health & Work Support Pilot – Fife and Dundee

Health & Work Support is a 2 year trial of a new access channel and enhanced and aligned core health and work services. It is asingle point of contact for health and work support for people in Fife and Dundee, as well as for employers, healthcare professionals and Job Centre Plus. It allows people with health issues or a disability who are struggling to stay at work or are recently unemployed, to get fast access to support.. The project includes a full evaluation process and predictive analytics element.

Health & Work Support is for people who are:

• At risk of falling out of employment due to health conditions/disability

• Recently unemployed/economically inactive due to health conditions/disability.

Employers in the Fife or Dundee City area who require general or specific
advice and support on health, disability and work issues can also access this
through Health & Work Support.

A partnership approach will ensure the smooth implementation of the project. A
national team within Scottish Government is working closely with local project
leads, teams, services and wider partners in each pilot location. A programme
of supporting improvement work will help ensure that individuals and businesses
who need support are able to access this at the earliest stage possible. A
predictive analytics triage tool will be developed to improve the way in which
we can identify and "triage" people who are at risk of falling out of work.

The service was launched on the 26th June 2018 by the Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, Mr Hepburn. To access the service, either dial 0800 019 2211 (freephone)
or access the website