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Inspiring Scotland

Inspiring Scotland is an innovative, outcome focused venture philanthropy organisation designed and developed in response to the needs of Scotland's charities ("ventures").   It's a way of investing money and skills in Scotland's charities with the aim of improving the lives of Scotland's most vulnerable people-long term.  They focus on tackling tough social issues where they can make a lasting change and have developed a unique partnership with a range of supporters to do this.

In four years they has established four funds:

  • 14:19 Fund - youth unemployment;
  • Go2Play - supporting free play opportunities for children;
  • Early Years Early Action - vital support in a child's early years; and
  • Link Up - piloting a new asset based approach to supporting disadvantaged communities.  Around 80 charities working in Scotland have received Inspiring Scotland investment and joined one or more of our fund portfolios. 

They use the principles of venture philanthropy, an approach to charitable giving that applies the business principles of venture capital to the voluntary sector.

Inspiring Scotland's first fund, 14:19 Fund aims to support young Scots aged 14 to 19 into employment, education or training.

Find out more about the 14:19 Fund