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Investors in Young People

16 December 2014 

The new Investors In Young People (IIYP) framework and award for employers implements recommendation 19 from the final report of the Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce, which called for a nationally defined Invest in Youth Accolade to recognise good practice in the employment and development of young people.

The IIYP framework, supported by the Scottish Government,
aims to:

  • challenge and encourage employers to consider the capacity and capabilities they need to achieve their objectives;
  • provide a clear link between business need and the recruitment and development of young people;
  • offer guidance and encouragement to employers to access the range of support services available; and
  • provide recognition (and therefore an incentive) to employers who are effective in their approach to recruiting young people.

As at December 2014, over 30 organisations have been awarded IIYP accreditation. You can find a list of these organisations to the right of this page.