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Data Hub Regional Events - Spring/Summer 2013

The data sharing team at SDS arranged workshops across five regions, with representatives from Skills Development Scotland, Local Authorities and Colleges.  The events were to enable us to:

  • review the current data hub position regionally.
  • agree where we need to be collectively to meet SG expectations and agenda around OfA data sharing.
  • develop a shared view on how to achieve the benefits of data sharing and to agree key actions.

Below is a selection of the documents used.  If you require further information, please contact

  1. The structure of our discussions & list of docs referred to
  2. The powerpoint presentation 
  3. Data hub Examples of Good Practice
  4. Plain English summary of LA Business rules  
  5. Plain English summary of College Business rules
  6. Glossary for DSA 16+LC fields updated Nov 11
  7. Regional Events Handout Post-16 Education (Scotland) Bill - An extract from Section 15 of the Bill.

16+ LC Data Hub Capacity Building Toolkit 2011

This toolkit is intended to support partners from Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Schools and Local Authorities in identifiying, sharing and developing effective and qualitative practice in relation to data sharing that supports the development, delivery and sustainability of 16+ Learning Choices.

16+ Choices Example Notes for LAs using SEEMIS MIS

This document has been produced as a guide for LAs using SEEMiS.  It provides you with examples of the SEEMiS Click+Go recording instructions. 

16+ Choices Example Notes for LAs using e1 MIS

This document has been produced as a guide for LAs using e1.  It provides you with examples of the 16+ Marksheet recording instructions.  A  Setting Up Guidelines document  is also available.

Contact Details for Opportunities for All Lead Contacts

This document provides contact details for all the Opportunities for All Co-ordinators of all local authorities in Scotland.

Project Boston (16+ Learning Choices Data Hub) Updates

The purpose of this document is to give partners a comprehensive and up to date description of the 16+ Learning Choices data hub project and the current state of play. The document sets out the policy context, background, aims, benefits and stakeholders for the 16+ LC data hub, together with a description of the hub's components, the current position and next steps, and a timetable showing the key milestones.


16+ Learning Choices data hub Governance

This document defines the governance for the 16+ LC data hub and the data sharing that it enables. In other words it covers the flow of data from management information (MIS) systems into the data hub, the holding of data within the hub and the output of information on young people back to staff for service delivery to customers.

16 + Learning Choices National Reference Group (NRG) for Data Governance Meeting Papers

16+ Learning Choices NRG Issue Reporting

This survey will allow you to submit any issues, queries or concerns you have around the data hub that you would like the National Reference Group to consider.  There is also a flowchart that shows the  Process for reporting queries to the National Reference Group (NRG)

Take the Issue Reporting Survey now

Issues and Responses to the NRG Group

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