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Youth Employment Scotland Fund

Youth Employment Scotland Fund moves forward the Scottish Government's commitment to help unemployed 16-29 year olds into work (the age criteria was extended in August 2014). It builds on measures which provide education and training to prepare young people for employment.

Youth Employment Scotland funding will support recruitment incentives for employers of small and medium sized business and larger enterprises in the private sector; social enterprises and local authorities.

Launched on 12 June 2013 the Youth Employment Scotland Fund will create up to 10,000 job opportunities for young people.

This £25m package of support is an all Scotland approach to tackling youth unemployment. The programme, which is delivered by Local Authorities, provides financial support to employers for at least 26 weeks which covers a minimum of half the salary costs at the National Minimum Wage (NMW), ensuring that, from the start, employers are making their own financial investment in employing the young person.

The employment recruitment incentive schemes funded through the Youth Employment Scotland Fund show innovative and collaborative project working with employers to ensure that Scotland's young people are given the best possible opportunities to employment and a flourishing future.

Scotland has made good progress in improving youth employment and underemployment of young people in recent years and this employer recruitment incentive is a positive example of how working in partnership builds confidence, creates real career opportunities, and helps to secure positive futures for our young people.

Scottish Government was pleased to confirm that Youth Employment Scotland Fund would continue to support young people from 1 January 2015 to 30 June 2015, through a co-investment model with Local Authorities.  However, not all Local Authority areas participated in this phase of the programme.

From 1st July Scotland's Employer Retirement Incentive will continue to deliver the Scottish Government's commitment to help unemployed young people who are facing significant challenges. The aim is to encourage employers to recruit young people aged 16-29 into sustainable employment, including Modern Apprenticeships.
Further information is available by accessing the following link.

“Everything I have learned over the first hundred days has made me more determined than ever - over the next 100 days and beyond – to make Scotland a better, fairer, more prosperous place for us all to live and work.” First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon