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6 March 2017

The independent review for the UK Government by Baroness McGregor-Smith considers the issues affecting black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in the workplace.

News, Report, Ethnic Minority, Employer
27 February 2017

The Resolution Foundation report attempts to understand the concerning finding that millennials who have entered work so far have made no earnings progress on generation X before them.

News, Report, Labour Market
20 February 2017

The IPPR report makes the case for a new 'Fit Pay' policy that would give employers the incentive to work with staff to keep them healthy and in work.

News, Report, Employer, Health
1 February 2017

The JRF report summarises the most recent evidence on the relationship between socioeconomic status and the psychological, social and cultural processes that underpin decision-making.

News, Report, Poverty
27 January 2017

Lack of clarity on support available prevents employers from recruiting and retaining disabled staff, says a new report from the national charity Action on Hearing Loss.

News, Report, Disability, Employer
26 January 2017

Inclusive growth is a major issue in the UK and internationally. The JRF research reviews evidence from international cities that have implemented an inclusive growth agenda to ensure that economic prosperity in their region benefits all.

News, Report, International
12 January 2017

A new Work and Pensions Committee report says former offenders leaving prison face a "cliff edge" drop off in support offered to help them re-enter normal life and find work.

News, Report, Offenders, Employment
9 January 2017

IPPR Scotland explore the current and future challenges facing the Scottish skills system and outlines the areas for action that will be needed to ensure that these challenges can be successfully met.

News, Report, Skills
4 January 2017

Forty seven per cent of workers responding to the latest British Social Attitudes Survey (BSAS) said that they would work longer before retiring if their employer were to offer more flexible hours.

News, Report, Employment, Older people
4 January 2017

The Resolution Foundation report provides another contribution to evidence on the impact of the National Living Wage to date.

News, Report, Employment
9 December 2016

New independent research from The Prince’s Trust supported by Samsung and carried out by The London School of Economics and Political Science, highlights that the most disadvantaged young people in Britain are getting digitally left behind.

News, Report, Young People
8 December 2016

This latest annual report from the New Policy Institute, published by JRF, brings together the most recent data to present a comprehensive picture of poverty in the UK.

News, Report, Poverty
8 December 2016

The Resolution Foundation report uncovers new information about the lives of the UK’s ‘secret agents’. It finds two groups of agency workers – the permanent and the self-employed – who have been missing from all previous accounts.

News, Report, Employment
5 December 2016

The review for the UK Government shows how employment plays an important role in improving the wellbeing and self-worth of people with drug and alcohol addiction.

News, Report, Employment, Health
9 November 2016

The JRF report explores the debate around pay and productivity in retail, the largest low-pay sector in the UK. It brings together recent research on the structure of the workforce with data on the attitudes of the workers themselves, to make policy recommendations to both businesses and government.

News, Report, Employment