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4 January 2017

Part of Scotland’s new devolved employability services, the £5 million Work Able Scotland programme will support up to 1,500 people with health conditions into work and will be delivered locally by Progress Scotland, The Wise Group and Remploy.

News, Scottish Government, Disability, Constitutional Reform
19 September 2016

Skills Development Scotland is inviting bidders to deliver a key part of the new devolved employment support in Scotland. Work Able Scotland is a voluntary programme that will support up to 1,500 people facing barriers to employment because of a health condition into work.

News, Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Government, Constitutional Reform
30 March 2016

The monthly update provides an overview of March's meetings and discussions regarding the ongoing development of new employability services for Scotland.

News, Scottish Government, Constitutional Reform
28 January 2016

January has been a busy month for the Scottish Governments employability team, as they continue to drive forward the work to develop devolved employment support from 1st April 2017. There have been a number of key meetings during the month.

News, Scottish Government, Constitutional Reform, Unemployment
20 July 2015

The UK government must honour the Smith recommendations in full is the message from Scotland’s Fair Work and Social Justice Ministers as they head to London for talks with UK Ministers on powers over welfare and employability.

News, UK Government, Scottish Government, Constitutional Reform
12 August 2014

Independence will equip Scotland for the first time ever with a fully-powered economic policy aimed at putting job creation in Scotland first. A Jobs Plan for an Independent Scotland sets out a long-term, ten-point jobs plan for an independent Scotland.

News, Constitutional Reform, Employment
2 June 2014

Over 100,000 carers could be entitled to £575 extra per year under plans for a fairer welfare system in an independent Scotland.

News, Welfare, Constitutional Reform
13 March 2014

The IPPR report considers both the practical and policy problems with devolving some or all aspects of welfare, and the reasons why devolving some aspects of it would be a good – and union-reinforcing – thing to do.

News, Report, Welfare, Constitutional Reform
27 January 2014

With the unemployment rate at a five year low and 90,000 more people employed than last year - an independent Scotland would introduce additional far-reaching measures to support employment.

News, Constitutional Reform, Employment
14 January 2014

A new economic analysis from the Scottish Government shows improving access to affordable early learning and childcare has the potential to substantially boost the labour market in Scotland by reducing a key barrier to participation faced by some parents with young children.

News, Constitutional Reform, Economy, Regeneration