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Early Intervention

Spending on prevention and early intervention measures helps us to tackle the root causes of many of our social problems that have lasted for generations. Positive improvements in health, education and wellbeing have been proven to allow people greater opportunities to avoid the challenges associated with poverty and unemployment.

Although prevention and early intervention is not a new idea it is increasingly carrying more weight with the recent Scottish Parliament Finance Committee investigation which was published in January 2011. The report suggests that early intervention and prevention is widely accepted by many as the best economic and social long term investment, reducing dependency on services and future costs.

It is recognised that the shift to preventative rather than reactive spending will require planning, investment and long term commitment from a range of local and national partners. Rising demand and pressures on public finances means that we will have to find new ways of delivering public services. Partnership working and the pooling of resources across traditional service boundaries including health, employment, social services, debt advice and justice will be key to allow Scotland to progress on this agenda while continuing to maintain the crucial support for those currently experiencing crisis.

The learning network is keen to hear from anyone who is working on a shift to preventative measures. Use the contact us page to get in touch.