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Services and support within each Local Authority, Jobcentre Plus or Health Board area.

Careers Info, Advice & Guidance

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (Careers IAG) is a combination of processes, facilities and opportunities, designed to enable individuals to prepare for and make effective decisions about their future in learning and in the labour market. This encompasses the acquisition, development, articulation and application of career management, personal and other transferrable skills. It includes an appreciation of self assessment and personal review techniques, labour market information (LMI), career goal setting, decision making and action planning.

The Scottish Government - as set out in Career Information, Advice and Guidance in Scotland: A Framework for Service Redesign and Improvement - is committed to all-age, universal provision of Careers IAG. This is because access to high quality, impartial Careers IAG - throughout working life - is more important than ever. Individuals are likely to change jobs more often and to work in different sectors than in previous generations. Moreover, individuals will need to acquire and continually update their knowledge and skills in order to remain in employment and to progress their careers. High quality Careers IAG will help people to raise their aspirations and make informed decisions based on a better understanding of the changing world, the impact this will have on jobs, and the work and learning options that are open to them.

Careers IAG in Scotland should consist of the following characteristics:

  • Independent - respects the freedom of the career choice and personal development of the individual.
  • High Quality - should be up-to-date, accurate and consistent, enabling people to make fully informed, confident choices.
  • Impartial - is in accordance with the person's interests and is not influenced by provider, institutional or funding interests.
  • Informed - should be based on a detailed knowledge of the changing labour and learning markets and emerging opportunities for career development.
  • Supportive of Equal Opportunities - will promote equality, in line with the Single Equality Act 2010.
  • Confidential - individual's right to privacy in terms of their personal information and to know with whom, and to what end, it will be shared will be balanced with the need to share information in appropriate circumstances.
  • Holistic - individual needs and circumstances will be taken into account, with Career IAG forming part of a wider package of support where appropriate.

The Scottish Government wants people to develop their career management skills, to be able to access services independently and to receive high quality advice and support from professional career practitioners when needed. In doing so, it is important that more and better face-to-face support is provided to those who need it most - including people furthest from the labour market who are likely to struggle to get, stay and progress in work.

Careers IAG services can be delivered:

Key organisations involved in the delivery of Careers IAG include:

  • Skills Development Scotland.
  • Schools.
  • Colleges.
  • Universities.
  • Jobcentre Plus.
  • Local authorities.
  • Third sector organisations.

Employers also have a vital role to play in providing and delivering Careers IAG. Through meeting and presenting to school pupils, students and individuals seeking employment, employers can provide valuable and meaningful insights into their sector, the skills, training and qualifications needed to enter and progress in employment, and the world of work more generally. Sector Skills Councils help to articulate employer needs at the sectoral level.