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Confidence Building

Many unemployed people, especially those who have been out of work for prolonged periods, struggle to move into work because they lack confidence. Therefore helping these individuals to build their confidence can go a long way towards progressing them towards and into the labour market.

Many different approaches can be used to help build confidence including peer support, group activities and one-to-one sessions. There are also some widely used personal development courses which place a strong emphasis on confidence building. These include:

  • STEPS to Excellence, developed by the Pacific Institute, which is a developmental programme that gives participants the opportunity to take a fresh look at their lives, enables them to see how much they are truly capable of achieving and offers tools to make it happen. Its guiding principle is that people have an unlimited capacity for growth and creativity, and can adapt to change. The course looks at how our minds work, which thought patterns make people more successful than others and how we learn to think more effectively. The programme has been particularly effective in helping long-term unemployed people develop motivation and build self-esteem.
  • PX2 (formerly known as BREAKTHROUGH to Excellence) is based on the same principles as STEPS and is designed for young people. The programme helps young people see that they have choices and that they can take more control of their lives and develop the thinking skills they need to become self-motivated lifelong learners.
  • GOALS is a confidence building and motivational two day programme based on self-esteem, assessing one's current life and setting clear steps towards desired life. It integrates different positive psychology methods - including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the psychology of employment, Motivational Interviewing - and common sense. It helps people to develop new ways of thinking, coping and behaving

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