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Local Approaches to Financial Inclusion

There is a lot of good work being done in various sectors across the Scotland and the UK which aims to improve the financial capability and employability of people at key transition points.

Please use the 'Contact Us' section if you have an example that you would like to see displayed here.


Making Money Work, Dundee. The Making Money Work project is run by Craigowl Communities, and helps people in Dundee who are in the transition from benefits to employment by helping with financial issues. This is done by providing:

  • Better off calculations - looking at benefits available and hidden debt (debt which is not collectable whilst on benefits)
  • Financial planning, such as budgeting
  • Help with banking issues, such as opening bank accounts and dealing with bank charges
  • Coping with changing finances
  • Managing and talking about debts

Referrals are also made to other agencies where appropriate when there are other issues such as eviction, representation at tribunals, legal advice and energy issues.

Project staff also undertake financial awareness sessions which include topics such as borrowing, budgeting and benefits. One-to-one sessions following the group sessions can be arranged. Further information: Dot Laurie, Tel: 01382 315737


Apex Scotland delivers employability services to offenders and young people at risk. The Working Money programme in Dundee was originally developed by Lincolnshire Action Trust and aimed to help people regain control of their finances. Apex Scotland revised the "Working Money" toolkit and tailored it specifically to meet the needs of offenders or ex-offenders in a community or custodial setting. The target audience for the "Working Money" training is front line staff who are involved in working for offenders in a custodial or community setting. Further information: Brian Robertson Tel: 01382 525032.

Perth and District YMCA. Financial Inclusion work with young people in relation to positive youth destinations and employability generally. The 'Making Money Work Project' supports young people to develop individual positive money management strategies. In particular, the project supports them to open a basic bank account. Further information: Ian Marr Tel: 01738 629883.

Blantyre and South Lanarkshire Credit Union Ltd work in partnership with Employability services such as Routes to Work South and Jobcentre Plus to target all those about to enter/ re-enter the workplace; providing them with information on the benefits of joining the Credit Union and the services they provide Further information: Carol Anne McNulty Tel: 01698 828810.

Case Studies

Cash In Your Pocket - Holistic Financial Inclusion and Capability Service

FISH Argyll - Financial Inclusion Services in Housing

Hillcrest Housing Association Pre Tenancy Project

Scot Cash

SWERAEI - South West Edinburgh Rent Arrears early Intervention

The Older Peoples' Advice Project