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Adult Literacies

The need for literacies support remains pressing for many adults in Scotland either seeking work or struggling to stay or progress in employment. As the Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies in Scotland 2009 reminded us, low literacies are often linked to poverty, poor health and low participation in society.

The Final Report and Recommendations of ALIS 2020 Working Group A: Literacies for Employability and the Workplace was published in February of this year (see link to right). The report helpfully defined literacies for employability and the workplace as: 'the reading, writing, speaking, listening and numeracy capabilities needed to handle information, express ideas and opinions, make decisions and solve problems, in order to move towards, gain, keep or progress in paid or unpaid work.' It further made a series of recommendations around (a) improving employer and employee engagement; (b) raising awareness of, and access to, funding opportunities; and (c) supporting individuals who are furthest from the labour market.

As literacies needs can emerge at any point in the employability journey, we would encourage local partnerships to take full cognisance of the report in reviewing their pipelines of support.