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20 April 2018

Young people from across Glasgow and the West gathered at Glasgow’s City Chambers this week to find out more about apprenticeship and volunteering opportunities in the region.

News, Apprenticeship, Benefits, Skills Development Scotland
29 June 2017

New report examines evidence of impact in Scotland.

News, Scottish Government, Benefits, Disability
21 June 2017

Historic legislation to establish Scotland’s first social security system has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament.

News, Scottish Government, Benefits
15 May 2017

Thousands of people with direct personal experience of the current benefits system have signed up to help shape the delivery of benefits in Scotland’s new social security system

News, Scottish Government, Benefits
28 April 2017

Scotland’s new social security agency will put people before profits, with no private companies carrying out benefit assessments.

News, Scottish Government, Benefits
10 March 2017

A new campaign to raise awareness of how people can claim the benefits they are entitled to, has been launched by the Scottish Government.

News, Benefits, Welfare
6 October 2016

Conditionality should not be enforced on devolved employment programmes.

News, Benefits, Employment, Work Programme
14 July 2016

Scottish Parliament to assume powers on social security and employability.

News, Scottish Government, Unemployment, Benefits
3 March 2016

A new delivery agency will be set up to administer social security payments worth £2.7 billion when they are devolved to Scotland.

News, Benefits, Welfare, Scottish Government
8 January 2016

The report sets out Reform's case for the structural reform of the Employment and Support Allowance.

News, Report, Welfare, Benefits
1 October 2015

£192,000 to support vulnerable people through the application process.

News, Disability, Benefits
20 July 2015

Families in Scotland who rely on tax credits will face nearly £700 million worth of cuts if the UK Government pushes ahead with its ‘inexcusable’ proposals, Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil has said.

News, Benefits, Welfare
6 July 2015

More women could be pushed into poverty and disproportionately affected by social security reforms if the UK Government cuts £12 billion from its welfare budget, Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess has said.

News, Gender Equality, Benefits
21 May 2015

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has released a report analysing employment patterns in 180 countries. It found that insecure work had increased since the financial crisis, with three quarters of the world’s workers now self-employed, in temporary or casual jobs.

News, Report, Employment, Benefits
15 May 2015

The DWP reports that the benefit cap continues to provide an incentive to work, with over 22,000 people who had their benefits capped moving into work, reducing their Housing Benefit claim or no longer claiming Housing Benefit at all, according to new figures published.

News, Benefits, DWP