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23 February 2018

Pregnant women can be sacked by their employers as part of collective redundancies, the EU’s top court has ruled

News Type, European, Welfare, Scottish Government
24 October 2016

European funding for small and medium-sized enterprise.

News, European, Funding, Economy
21 June 2016

The European Commission has adopted a new and comprehensive Skills Agenda for Europe which sets out ten actions to help equip people in Europe with better skills.

News, European, Skills, Employment
8 January 2016

The Eurofound report presents a broad picture of temporary employment across the EU27 between 2001 and 2012 based on Eurostat data. It maps the recent evolution of temporary employment, before and after the economic crisis.

News, Report, Employment, European
26 November 2015

The IPPR's second annual European Jobs and Skills review examines employment and skills trends across Europe and in the continent's largest economies, considering how policy can better combat unemployment, underemployment and inactivity.

News, Report, European, Employment
25 November 2015

The CEDEFOP report reviews recent policies and practices aiming to tackle unemployment through addressing skill mismatch in the EU-28 Member States.

News, Report, European, Unemployment, Skills
8 October 2015

The Chatham House report considers how states can make spending on social policies more viable.

News, Report, Welfare, European
24 September 2015

The European Commission report explores latest trends in methods to profile jobseekers in European public employment services (PES).

News, Report, European, Job Seekers
23 September 2015

The European Commission report focuses on and assesses the efforts of countries to respond to the growing challenge of long-term unemployment.

News, Report, Unemployment, European
31 August 2015

Funding of £43 million will help to support the long-term unemployed and people with multiple barriers to sustainable employment across Scotland. Local authorities and Skills Development Scotland (SDS) will receive the funding to support existing services, including those delivered by the third sector.

News, Funding, European
12 August 2015

The paper sets out EU vocational education and training priorities up to 2020 and reports on the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, an informal platform bringing together governments with other relevant stakeholders willing to contribute to the goal of strengthening the quality, supply, and image of apprenticeships in Europe.

News, Report, Apprenticeship, European
29 June 2015

Adopt an Intern Announces 1000th Inter at Awards Reception

News, Statistics, Labour Market, European
8 June 2015

The paper outlines the progress of the Youth Guarantee, a European Council initiative to ensure that all those up to 25 years old would receive a quality offer of employment, education, training or apprenticeship within four months of becoming unemployed or leaving school

News, Report, Young People, European
1 June 2015

Scotland’s strong recent record in helping people into jobs will be highlighted at a major employment conference in Brussels this week.

News, European
1 June 2015

Scotland has the lowest rate of female unemployment of any country in Europe with the female unemployment rate at 4 per cent.

News, Statistics, Labour Market, European