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2 November 2016

The National Autistic Society report finds that just 16% of autistic adults are in full time work and this figure has remained the same for the last decade.

News, Report, Learning Disabilities, Employment
18 August 2016

The Scottish Government and SCLD commissioned a scoping exercise through the University of Glasgow TERU and Cambridge Policy Consultants to map the employability landscape for people with learning disabilities in Scotland.

News, Report, Learning Disabilities, Employment
20 June 2016

Dyslexia Scotland is delighted to announce the development of their Employment Service for adults with dyslexia who are seeking work.

News, Learning Disabilities, Employment, Employer
11 April 2016

Project Search is a one year full time work experience programme for young people (18 – 25 years) who have a learning disability and/or autism.

News, Learning Disabilities, Young People, Work Experience
26 November 2015

Project Search are currently looking for business mentors to get involved with their current programme which is currently running at the University of Aberdeen.

News, Learning Disabilities
9 October 2015

A new web resource provides information for employers on supporting and hiring employees with autism.

News, Learning Disabilities, Disability, Employment
24 August 2015

Scottish Ministers are continuing their commitment to develop and enhance services for people with autism and we are now seeking applications for innovation and development funding which will be available for 2015-16.

News, Funding, Learning Disabilities
28 July 2015

2nd Project Search graduation event and European recognition of programme.

News, Skills, Learning Disabilities, Employment
24 July 2015

New figures show more than 2,000 people with a learning disability and 1,600 with mental health conditions were helped by Access to Work in 2014/15.

News, DWP, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health
23 July 2015

Additional support is being made available to help people with learning disabilities into the workplace, as the Brothers of Charity Services (Scotland) today receives £400k of Big Lottery funding.

News, Funding, Learning Disabilities, Training
9 July 2015

Individuals on the autistic spectrum can be a fantastic asset to any workplace but many employers are unsure of what/ what not to do.

News, Learning Disabilities, Employment
13 May 2015

A new employability and training scheme for vulnerable young people in Edinburgh has received an award of £290,153 from the Big Lottery Fund.

News, Funding, Young People, Learning Disabilities
11 June 2014

The Welsh Government commissioned this independent research to investigate the extent and nature of employment outcomes and barriers to employment for young people with ASD living in Wales.

News, Report, Young People, Learning Disabilities
29 May 2014

This web section provides information on typical interventions and programmes under each stage of the employability pipeline.

News, Learning Disabilities, Report
28 May 2014

This Guide has been drafted by Autism Initiatives in consultation with and on behalf of the Scottish Government’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Reference Group – Subgroup 4 ‘Wider Opportunities and Access to Work’.

News, Learning Disabilities, Report