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13 June 2016

The Resolution Foundation report finds that while there are things to be celebrated and continued, the policy focus around employment for people with health problems and disabilities has been too narrow.

News, Report, Mental Health, Disability
24 July 2015

New figures show more than 2,000 people with a learning disability and 1,600 with mental health conditions were helped by Access to Work in 2014/15.

News, DWP, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health
21 May 2015

The IPPR report looks at the role that symptoms associated with depression can have on an individual’s ability to find a job, or remain in employment.

News, Report, Mental Health, Employment
11 May 2015

The See Me in Work Programme will support organisations to improve practice to provide an environment where staff feel safe and able to talk openly about mental health.

News, Mental Health
22 April 2015

The CentreForum report aims to understand the barriers preventing people with mental health problems moving into employment, and examines the UK government programmes intended to overcome these barriers.

News, Report, Mental Health
9 January 2015

Local employment initiatives boosting the skills and confidence of some of most vulnerable out of work people are amongst the latest grants announced today by the Big Lottery Fund.

News, Lottery Funding, Supported Employment, Mental Health
6 January 2015

The Mind report presents a critique of existing in-work and back-to-work support for people experiencing mental ill health, and sets out a number of recommendations for improvement.

News, Report, Mental Health
17 December 2014

The UK government has announced a further £12 million is to be invested in helping people with mental health conditions return to work.

News, DWP, Mental Health
12 June 2014

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) briefing provides an overview of mental health in Scotland, including what is known about the prevalence of mental health conditions, the organisation of mental health services, the current legislative and policy framework that underpins mental health service provision, how these services are regulated and monitored, and the costs and funding of mental health services.

News, Report, Mental Health
29 May 2014

This IPPR report examines the challenges facing mental health social work, and offers a blueprint for a fast-track programme that could better recruit and train high-calibre graduates for the profession

News, Report, Employment, Mental Health
14 May 2014

The HR Leadership Forum report presents an overview of the impact of depression on employees in the workplace, the subsequent consequences for employers and how to promote a healthy working environment which supports employees with depression

News, Report, Employment, Mental Health
16 April 2014

New research by SAMH shows people are becoming increasingly depressed because of the impact of welfare reforms

News, Report, Welfare, Mental Health
20 March 2014

Mental health issues cost the UK around £70 billion every year in lost productivity at work, benefit payments and health care expenditure. Better policies and practices by employers and the health system are needed to help people deal with mental health issues and get back to work, according to a new OECD report

News, Report, Mental Health
20 February 2014

The Prince's Trust Macquarie Youth Index has found that more than three quarters of a million young people believe they have nothing to live for, with jobless youngsters facing “devastating” symptoms of mental illness.

News, Young People, Mental Health
22 January 2014

External policy advice exploring how to improve employment and health outcomes for people with common mental health problems.

News, Report, Mental Health