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25 July 2017

254,000 individual households supported through Scottish Welfare Fund.

News, Welfare, Poverty, Scottish Government
18 July 2017

Public sector to do more to reduce inequalities.

News, Equality, Poverty, Poverty - Social
3 July 2017

A report into how the Scottish Government can support the transition from adolescence into adulthood has been welcomed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

News, Scottish Government, Poverty, Poverty - Social
9 March 2017

Glasgow City Council’s Poverty Leadership Panel (PLP) has launched a pocket sized information card to help homeless jobseekers.

News, Homelessness, Job Seekers, Poverty
1 February 2017

The JRF report summarises the most recent evidence on the relationship between socioeconomic status and the psychological, social and cultural processes that underpin decision-making.

News, Report, Poverty
8 December 2016

This latest annual report from the New Policy Institute, published by JRF, brings together the most recent data to present a comprehensive picture of poverty in the UK.

News, Report, Poverty
14 November 2016

Investment for vital projects to tackle poverty and inequality.

News, Funding, Equal Opportunities, Poverty
24 October 2016

The Resolution Foundation report uses the latest data available to map out the scale of low pay and the groups that are most affected. It shows how this has changed over recent decades and looks at what the coming years might hold, particularly given the result of the EU referendum and the introduction of the National Living Wage (NLW).

News, Report, Employment, Poverty
24 October 2016

Scottish Women’s Aid have announced the local Women’s Aid groups that will participate in ‘Building Equality’.

News, Employment, Childcare, Poverty
5 October 2016

£29M programme for innovative poverty measures part of Fairer Scotland Action Plan.

News, Poverty, Young People, Disability
28 September 2016

The Carnegie Trust report highlights the significant overlap between digital exclusion and other forms of social and economic inequality. It argues that to solve this problem, all organisations delivering services across the public and charitable sectors need to take action to help everyone enjoy the benefits that digital can offer.

News, Report, Poverty
8 September 2016

The JRF report explains what poverty is and what causes it, highlights trends and projections in UK poverty, and makes recommendations for tackling its causes.

News, Report, Poverty
23 August 2016

The poorest areas of towns and cities can remain disconnected from the prosperity experienced by residents of wealthier neighbourhoods in the same region. The JRF research looks at these issues from the perspective of housing and labour markets in the 20 per cent most deprived neighbourhoods across the UK and finds that there is a need to reconnect economic growth strategies with poverty alleviation initiatives.

News, Report, Poverty, Economy
15 July 2016

More than one in three families in the UK now have incomes below the Minimum Income Standard (MIS). The JRF report aims to understand the experiences of these families.

News, Report, Poverty
15 July 2016

The Citizens Advice Scotland report looks in detail at the causes of gaps in income, particularly with regards to the benefits system; the impact of gaps in income on CAB clients; and the adequacy of existing crisis assistance provided by statutory agencies.

News, Report, Poverty, Welfare