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16 March 2017

New figures show Scotland's unemployment levels fell by 16,000 over the most recent quarter to 129,000, with the rate down 0.6 percentage points to 4.7%.

News, Statistics, Unemployment
19 January 2017

Youth unemployment decreased by 3.6 percentage points over the last year to 9.4 per cent, while Scotland’s overall unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage points over the year to 5.1 per cent.

News, Statistics, Unemployment
15 December 2016

Scotland’s unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage points over the year, and there are 28,000 more people in employment than at the pre-recession peak.

News, Unemployment, Statistics
16 November 2016

Scotland continues to outperform the UK on unemployment.

News, Labour Market, Unemployment, Economy
15 September 2016

The unemployment rate in Scotland has fallen by more than 1 percentage point over the quarter to reach 4.7% – and is now below the UK rate.

News, Statistics, Unemployment, Employment
2 August 2016

News, Unemployment, Economy
14 July 2016

Scottish Parliament to assume powers on social security and employability.

News, Scottish Government, Unemployment, Benefits
29 March 2016

Venture Trust has been awarded a sizeable grant from the MOD’s Armed Forces Covenant to provide wilderness programmes for Scottish veterans caught in the criminal justice system.

News, Unemployment, Offenders, Health
22 March 2016

New powers backed with £20 million of additional Scottish Government funding to help people into jobs.

News, Skills Development Scotland, Disability, Unemployment, Employability
8 February 2016

The Learning & Work Institute paper sets out research evidence on key parameters of employment programme design, with implications for future programmes. It is intended to be a resource for the Scottish Government and its stakeholders in designing the devolved successor to the Work Programme.

News, Report, Unemployment, Work Programme
1 February 2016

The majority of entrepreneurial jobseekers who became their own boss thanks to the UK government scheme are still in business, more than a year after launching their start-up.

News, DWP, Unemployment, Business
28 January 2016

January has been a busy month for the Scottish Governments employability team, as they continue to drive forward the work to develop devolved employment support from 1st April 2017. There have been a number of key meetings during the month.

News, Scottish Government, Constitutional Reform, Unemployment
14 December 2015

Over a third of benefit claimants surveyed by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) in the last few months say they are ‘unable to get by’ on the income they receive, and regularly need the help of family, friends or foodbanks.

News, Unemployment, Poverty, Welfare
25 November 2015

The JRF report finds that the UK Government's ambitions to halve the disability employment gap, reach full employment and launch an ‘all-out assault on poverty’ will require significant reforms to the UK’s system of employment support.

News, Report, UK Government, Unemployment
25 November 2015

The CEDEFOP report reviews recent policies and practices aiming to tackle unemployment through addressing skill mismatch in the EU-28 Member States.

News, Report, European, Unemployment, Skills