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27 March 2018

Scotland’s first fully devolved employment service will start delivering flexible and tailored support from Tuesday 3 April.

News, Employment, Scottish Government, Work Programme
6 October 2016

Conditionality should not be enforced on devolved employment programmes.

News, Benefits, Employment, Work Programme
8 February 2016

The Learning & Work Institute paper sets out research evidence on key parameters of employment programme design, with implications for future programmes. It is intended to be a resource for the Scottish Government and its stakeholders in designing the devolved successor to the Work Programme.

News, Report, Unemployment, Work Programme
22 January 2016

The parliamentary breifing paper provides background and detail on the new Help to Work scheme for Work Programme leavers.

News, Work Programme, DWP
20 January 2016

Following the devolution of Department for Work and Pensions contracted employment programmes to the Scottish Government, Rocket Science was commissioned to inform Ingeus’ contribution to discussions on the design of replacement programmes.

News, Report, Work Programme
21 December 2015

The DWP has indicated that new Work and Health Programme will have funding of around £130 million a year - around 20% of the level of funding for the Work Programme and Work Choice, which it will replace.

News, Funding, Work Programme
22 June 2015

More than 433,000 long-term unemployed people are in now in work because of the Work Programme, with official figures showing the scheme has helped more people than any previous employment scheme.

News, Work Programme, DWP, Statistics
23 March 2015

More than 400,000 long-term unemployed people are now in work because of the Work Programme. This makes it the biggest single payment by results employment programme Britain as ever seen, new figures released show.

News, Work Programme, Statistics
18 December 2014

The Work Programme has contributed to bringing the number of long-term unemployed people down to the lowest it has been for 5 years.

News, Work Programme, Statistics
14 November 2014

This Policy Exchange report provides a blueprint for how the Work Programme should be improved, including ideas on how to better assess jobseeker needs, how to integrate the Programme into the structures of Universal Credit, and how to better recognise local labour market conditions.

News, Report, Work Programme
19 September 2014

DWP has published statistics from the beginning of the Work Programme in June 2011 to the end of June 2014. In this data release, CESI report on the two-year job outcome performance i.e. whether or not an individual has secured a job outcome during the entire length of time on the programme.

News, Work Programme, Statistics
31 July 2014

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) have published a report calling for a major overhaul of how welfare to work schemes are designed and paid for. The report claims that the Work Programme is failing many people with complex or multiple needs and is underutilising the skills and expertise of the charity sector.

News, Report, Work Programme, Voluntary sector
7 July 2014

DWP has published statistics from the beginning of the Work Programme in June 2011 to the end of March 2014.

News, Statistics, Work Programme
2 July 2014

After a poor start, the performance of the Work Programme is at similar levels to previous programmes, according to a report published by the National Audit Office.

News, Report, Work Programme
18 June 2014

To ensure welfare-to-work support is responsive to local conditions, IPPR propose that a new national programme for mainstream jobseekers is established alongside a localised programme for those facing greater barriers to finding and sustaining work.

News, Report, Work Programme