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25 April 2017

Institute of Physics Head of Gender Balance Jessica Rowson on the lessons being learned on improving uptake of physics by girls in English schools, and how it can help tackle unconscious bias here in Scotland.

News, Careers, Equal Opportunities, Gender Equality
14 November 2016

Investment for vital projects to tackle poverty and inequality.

News, Funding, Equal Opportunities, Poverty
26 November 2015

The Fair Work Convention is an independent body recently established to provide independent advice to the Scottish Government on matters relating to innovative and productive workplaces, industrial relations and fair work in Scotland.

News, Employment, Equal Opportunities
17 November 2014

Fair work boosts productivity, creates jobs and is the best route out of poverty for individuals and families all across Scotland, Cabinet Secretary for Training, Youth and Women’s Employment Angela Constance said as she set out plans to tackle inequality in the workplace.

News, Employment, Equal Opportunities
13 November 2013

This research report explores trends in the performance of the specific equality duties in Glasgow, featuring key learning points and recommendations for future practice.

News, Equal Opportunities, Employment
5 April 2013

A report published by The Scottish Parliment Equal Opportunities Committee examines the living conditions experienced by Gypsy/Traveller communities in Scotland.

News, Equal Opportunities, Report, Scottish Parliament