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17 May 2018

A village providing housing for homeless people is being launched in Edinburgh.

News, Homelessness, Job Seekers, Edinburgh
5 December 2017

The Centre for Work-based Learning and SDS held a symposium last month on the future of work and skills which attracted delegates and speakers from around the world.

News, Modern Apprenticeship, Skills Development Scotland, Job Seekers
9 March 2017

Glasgow City Council’s Poverty Leadership Panel (PLP) has launched a pocket sized information card to help homeless jobseekers.

News, Homelessness, Job Seekers, Poverty
20 February 2017

Proposed Jobcentre Plus closures could increase the risk of sanctions and put pressure on people who are already facing stressful circumstances, Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn has said.

News, Job Seekers, DWP, Scottish Government
27 January 2017

Minister for Employability and Training responds to the UK Government announcement on Job Centre Plus closures.

News, DWP, Scottish Government, Job Seekers
19 January 2017

UK Government Ministers have a duty to meet Scottish people who use Jobcentre Plus to get a full understanding of how potential office closures could affect these ‘vital services’, Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn has said.

News, DWP, Scottish Government, Job Seekers
9 December 2015

A new report shows that people claiming Universal Credit (UC) are significantly more likely to move into work than those on Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA).

News, Universal Credit, Job Seekers, DWP
24 September 2015

The European Commission report explores latest trends in methods to profile jobseekers in European public employment services (PES).

News, Report, European, Job Seekers
28 August 2015

Auchinleck Community Development Initiative are delighted to announce the award of over £400,000 from the BIG Lottery’s Investing In Communities fund Life Transitions programme, to manage and deliver the Support To Engage Project (STEP).

News, Funding, Skills, Job Seekers
27 March 2015

Almost 250 young job seekers from across the region attended an event on 12th March 2015 aimed at creating opportunities.

News, Young People, Job Seekers
26 January 2015

The Wise Group has been selected by the Department for Work & Pensions to manage the New Enterprise Allowance contract for the east and north of Scotland regions.

News, DWP, Job Seekers, Benefits
5 January 2015

Jobcentre staff are getting out and about and taking work support direct to jobseekers as part of a new blitz targeting unusual locations – from football clubs to prisons and homeless shelters.

News, DWP, Job Seekers
5 December 2014

Provisions that will compel people who cannot speak English well and who want to claim Jobseekers Allowance in the UK, to take English lessons, came in to force on 27th November.

News, Job Seekers, Ethnic Minority
14 November 2014

The Community Links report analyses the assessment process for Jobcentre Plus and Work Programme clients. Its primary aim was to identify any particular characteristics of people for whom standard employment support is not currently working.

News, Report, Job Seekers
27 October 2014

High-tech equipment, including specially-designed computers that bring all Jobcentre services into one device, will be installed at more than 700 sites to make it easier for people to find work.

News, DWP, Job Seekers