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20 July 2018

Skills Development Scotland brought universities and colleges from across Scotland together at an event aimed to support the growth and success of Graduate Apprenticeships (GAs).

News, Apprenticeship, Graduate Recruitment, Skills Development Scotland
24 May 2018

Two of Scotland’s leading universities are the latest to back Graduate Apprenticeships.

News, Apprenticeship, Graduate Recruitment, Skills Development Scotland
10 August 2017

A continued high level of positive destinations for university graduates.

News, Scottish Government, Universities, Graduate Recruitment
27 July 2017

Up to £16,000 in return for service in NHS.

News, Graduate Recruitment, NHS, Skills
29 June 2017

A continued high level of positive destinations for university graduates.

News, Scottish Government, Young People, Graduate Recruitment
29 November 2016

Adopt An Intern provides flexible solutions to meet businesses' recruitment needs and has helped over 800 companies accelerate their business as a consequence - as illustrated by this case study.

News, Graduate Recruitment, Internships
21 December 2015

The Work Foundation report looks at whether the UK is producing too many graduates for the jobs available that need graduate skills.

News, Report, Graduate Recruitment
9 September 2015

The Edge Foundation report explores the nature of graduate employment among 2014 first degree graduates, focusing on those who were in 'professional and managerial' occupations but not 'associate professional and technical' occupations six months after graduation

News, Report, Graduate Recruitment
24 August 2015

The CIPD commissioned report examines the available evidence on the extent to which graduates are over-qualified and over-skilled for the current labour market and the ways in which the labour market and occupations may have adapted to the growing supply of graduates.

News, Report, Graduate Recruitment
20 February 2015

The HECSU report uses HESA's Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2012/13 and analyses the patterns of graduate movement by region in terms of their locations of domicile, study and employment.

News, Graduate Recruitment, Labour Market
27 January 2015

Adopt an Intern, the not-for-profit graduate recruitment organisation, has received additional funding from the European Regional Development Fund as part of a "Business Growth Programme" supporting the third sector, micro businesses and SMEs in Scotland.

News, Intern, Graduate Recruitment, Economy
17 October 2014

The Higher Education Careers Services Unit report presents findings on the graduate labour market and further study destinations of first degree qualifiers and HND and Foundation degree qualifiers from 2012/13.

News, Report, Graduate Recruitment
8 July 2014

A successful programme to support graduates towards employment has received further investment from the Scottish Government.

News, Graduate Recruitment, Intern
26 June 2014

Scottish graduates have the best post-university destinations in the UK, according to new figures released. 91 per cent of graduates from Scottish institutions went into employment, further study or a combination of the two, the highest figure for all UK administrations.

News, Graduate Recruitment, Statistics
14 February 2014

An innovative project offering paid internships within the Scottish Parliament to young disabled graduates has been announced.

News, Disability, Graduate Recruitment, Scottish Parliament