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2 March 2017

The DWP's Fuller Working Lives: A Partnership Approach strategy explains how as the population ages, employers need to draw on the skills and experience of older workers to avoid loss of labour.

News, DWP, Older people
4 January 2017

Forty seven per cent of workers responding to the latest British Social Attitudes Survey (BSAS) said that they would work longer before retiring if their employer were to offer more flexible hours.

News, Report, Employment, Older people
8 September 2016

The TUC report examines the rise of the older worker and interrogates the extent to which this trend is widespread. It assesses whether and how to encourage older people to stay economically active for longer; and pays particular attention to the role that illness and disability plays in older people’s detachment from the labour market.

News, Report, Older people, Employment
7 July 2016

The report explores the drivers behind the consistent increase in pensioner employment over the past decade, including throughout the last recession.

News, Report, Older people, Employment
28 August 2015

The Scottish Commission on Older Women report brings to the fore the experiences of older women seeking to remain in, or re-enter, the labour market.

News, Report, Gender Equality, Older people
18 August 2015

The number of older workers in paid employment has hit a record high with more than 8.2 million people aged between 50 and 64 now in work across the UK.

News, Statistics, Older people
8 July 2015

The aim of this study, a collaboration between the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK) and the CIPD, is to understand the challenges for different industries of an ageing workforce and how to mitigate the risks

News, Report, Older people
22 May 2015

The Business in the Community report is a call to action for business and government. It brings together data on age and provides recommendations to help people to stay in work for longer.

News, Report, Older people, Employment
12 March 2015

A major new report by the UK government’s Business Champion for Older Workers sets out ways to help more over 50s stay in or move into work.

News, Report, Older people
13 February 2015

The Business in the Community report demonstrates that older people are more likely to remain out of work once they lose a job and if they want to find new employment, the over 50s have to rely on their own resources and network.

News, Report, Older people
23 January 2015

The DWP report presents the findings of a survey of individuals aged over 50 on their attitudes to working in later life.

News, Report, Older people, Employment
5 January 2015

The UK government is rolling out an ‘older workers’ champion scheme across every part of the UK to tackle age discrimination from April 2015.

News, Older people, DWP
4 November 2014

The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME), the International Longevity Centre and Business In The Community have embarked on a campaign to tackle the issue of unemployment amongst the over-50s. They have issued the first of three reports looking at the economic barriers facing the over-50s.

News, Report, Older people
8 October 2014

Three years on from the abolition of the default retirement age, more than one million over 65s now choose to stay in work. The figures are revealed in a new Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) analysis released to mark International Older People’s Day.

News, Statistics, Older people
1 October 2014

The report looks at how employment opportunities can be retained and increased for older people, as part of a series of papers released by Public Health England.

News, Report, Older people, Employment