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15 September 2017

Close the Gap is currently doing research on black and minority ethnic women’s experiences of employment in Scotland.

News, Gender Equality, Ethnic Minority
6 March 2017

The independent review for the UK Government by Baroness McGregor-Smith considers the issues affecting black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in the workplace.

News, Report, Ethnic Minority, Employer
8 December 2016

Kaliani Lyle to provide insight and advice on implementing Framework actions.

News, Equality, Ethnic Minority
4 November 2016

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report examines employers’ practices and attitudes to employing UK-born and foreign-born workers.

News, Report, Employer, Ethnic Minority
15 August 2016

The House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee launched the inquiry because out of all religious and ethnic groups, Muslims experience the highest levels of disadvantage in the labour market.

News, Report, Ethnic Minority
15 March 2016

Businesses must do more to help BME workers access the labour market and progress their careers, UK Government Business Secretary Sajid Javid said at the first meeting of a new cross-Whitehall Ministerial taskforce

News, Ethnic Minority, Labour Market
26 February 2016

The BME:ESSG was established in Glasgow in April 2014 to address barriers to employability.

News, Equality, Ethnic Minority
1 February 2016

Despite forty years of legislation, training initiatives and equality policies, the world of work still fails to represent the communities and people of Scotland, according to a race, ethnicity and employment report by the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee.

News, Report, Ethnic Minority, Employment
20 November 2015

The Race at Work report provides a greater understanding of the issues around the under-representation of ethnic minorities in the workplace and at senior levels.

News, Report, Ethnic Minority, Equality
6 November 2015

The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland (EHRC) engaged Central Scotland Regional Equality Council (CSREC) and Grampian Regional Equality Council (GREC) to conduct a small scale fact finding study into migrant workers in the food (Central Scotland) and fish processing (North East Scotland) sectors.

News, Report, Employment, Ethnic Minority
6 November 2015

The Work Foundation report asks whether key policy measures that are designed to support youth labour market transitions could be doing more to tackle ethnic disparities in the youth labour market.

News, Report, Young People, Ethnic Minority
22 October 2015

The JRF paper suggests recommendations to support education‑to-work transitions for ethnic minority youth, drawing on examples of best practice in Bristol, Nottingham and Tower Hamlets.

News, Report, Young People, Ethnic Minority
22 October 2015

The JRF Solutions paper examines mainstream initiatives that have supported young people’s transitions into work, and sets out recommendations for improving support, offering a more effective route out of poverty.

News, Report, Young People, Ethnic Minority
25 August 2015

Minister for Europe and International Development Humza Yousaf has invited organisations campaigning for better rights for migrant workers to convene a special roundtable with the Scottish Government.

News, Scottish Government, Ethnic Minority
17 July 2015

‘Moving Up’ aims to tackle workplace inequalities experienced by women, disabled people and people from BME communities.

News, Ethnic Minority, Gender Equality, Report