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UK Employability Day 2019

28 June 2019 

We are pleased to support  UK Employability Day 2019,  and recognise the effort being made by organisations involved in the employment support sector to close the gap for people who may experience challenges in the labour market; and the importance of employment support for social and economic inclusion. 

Today is an opportunity for employment support organisations and employers to celebrate their work supporting people to enter or progress in employment;  highlight their success; and generate awareness of their activity at local, regional and national level.

This year's theme is "Closing The Gaps" - a theme which relates directly to it is our ambition that everyone in Scotland who wants help to find work and stay in work - particularly people with health conditions, disabled people and others who are disadvantaged in the labour market, have access to the support they need to achieve their goal.  Employment in Scotland is currently high, but we know that beneath these figures there are still inequalities and inconsistencies within the labour market for some people and groups.

On UK Employability Day 2019, we will be using our main SG social media channels to join in and share some of the work that is happening across Scotland to support people into employment and highlight how we are 'Closing the Gaps'.