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Connecting Scotland Applications Open

02 September 2021

The Connecting Scotland programme aims to close the digital divide, with a target of bringing 60,000 households online by the end of 2021.

Organisations can apply for support on behalf of the people they work with. This includes:

  • Digital devices – iPads and/or Chromebooks
  • Internet connectivity – a mobile WiFi hotspot with 24 months unlimited data  
  • Training and support – for staff and volunteers to become ‘digital champions’ to support people to use the internet confidently and safely


From 30 August – 27 September the programme will be accepting applications from organisations working to remove barriers related to digital exclusion for unemployed young people and adults (aged 16+).


From 28 September the programme will be accepting fast track applications from organisations that can identify users who are:


  • Digitally excluded, and
  • On a low income, and
  • At risk of social isolation and loneliness (particularly older people, people with disabilities, and single parents)


Please visit Connecting Scotland for full details and guidance.

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