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Self Referral

Self-referral is the process of an individual deciding to actively engage with an employability service. It may come as a result of a word-of-mouth recommendation or outreach activities. In many ways, this is the best type of referral for an employability service to receive as it reflects a level of interest and commitment towards working from the individual.


While self-referral has been viewed as an individual making an initial appointment by phone or walking in off the street, it can increasingly involve accessing services online. This can be a more impersonal and safe means of engagement for an individual - particularly if they lack confidence or cannot easily leave their home due to caring responsibilities or poor health.

Many employability organisations now have electronic sign up functions on their websites where individuals can register their details and receive updates on their services and local employment and training opportunities. There are also a number of national websites that can provide information and guidance for individuals.

These include:

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