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Employability Service Standards published

10 December 2021

The Employability Service Standards have been developed in partnership across the Public, Third and Private sectors to support those delivering employability services in Scotland.


They create a level of coherency across Scotland to support the move to a local model of employability delivery and governance. This approach enables Local Employability Partnerships and providers to deliver consistently in terms of service quality, whilst being empowered to determine how best to implement these Standards in a way that meets user needs, and accounts for the unique situations in local areas.


The document contains four Standards: Our services work for users; Our services treat people with dignity and respect; Our services learn and improve; and Our services have partnership at the their heart. Each standard has been structured to understanding of the rationale, the expectations contained within it, and how it links to the No One Left Behind Principles.


Although these Standards reflect wide engagement with partners, this is intended to be a living document which will be updated and improved based on feedback received from partners working with them and delivering services in local areas.

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